Luchtmachtdagen 2011 Leeuwarden

Italy 2011 photos

Italy 2009 photos

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Amanita muscarias, also known as fly agarics

Demolition De Telle
Demolition of swimmingpool De Telle in Heerenveen

F1 Test Spa Francorchamps
Formula 1 Test at Spa-Francorchamps 2007

Fall and autumn
The winter is coming... yellow, red and orange everywhere

A few panoramic shots

The sky
A collection of various sky views, clouds and sunsets

Windmill on fire
This is what you get when a windmill rotates too fast

Ford Mondeo V6
My car, Ford Mondeo MK2 2.5 24v V6

Racing on Zandvoort
Some race pictures taken on Zandvoort

Miscellaneous images
Various random photo's, taken on various places

who is dennis?

I'm Dennis from The Netherlands, born in the year Miami Vice aired for the first time on NBC.

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